Sunday, October 31, 2010

University of California Old Style Price

I visited the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley and they showed me a letter from Goudy to the manager of the UC Press (a Mr. Farquhar). In the letter Goudy gave them a price of $1250 for 104 roman characters (U&lc, small caps etc); $750 for 80 italic characters* for a private typeface for the press. This would include the matrices with which they could cast all the type they wanted.

The project took about 14 months from the looks of it. The italics were shipped from Deepdene (in Marlborough NY) just days before the workshop burned to the ground destroying all but a couple of drawings and patterns.

McKenzie and Harris still have the matrices and are casting the University of California Old Style to this day.

*Inflation calculator puts that at just over $30,000 in today's terms.


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