Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goudy's 'Companion' sneak preview

Ascender's Jim Ford is starting work on a version of Goudy's 'Companion' typeface. Originally designed for the magazine 'Women's Home Companion' in 1927 and first used in the June 1931 issue. The 2nd page of the magazine has an article about the design entitled 'Our New Dress'... it notes Companion as a design 'with a degree of strength, yet with a touch of femininity; a type easily legible and also decorative. It must as well harmonize with the body type of the magazine' (which was Goudy's 'Garamont' typeface).

Letterpress proofs of the roman typeface were provided by Richard Matthews at University of Tampa Press. The italic proofs were made by Rich Hopkins at Hill & Dale Press. Shown above are a few letters currently being digitized:

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